Mary Ann in Autumn

My good mate Fred introduced me to Armistead Maupin’s “Tales Of The City Novels” at the back end of the 80′s, just in time for me to devour the first five novels and champ at the bit for a WHOLE MONTH until the sixth, and apparently final, novel was published. I adore these books in a way I simply cannot adequately express. it’s testament to the power of the Maupins writings that when the sixth book was read, it felt like I had lost some close friends. Sad to say, it felt like I was mourning. I didn’t want my friends to break contact with me, particularly in the light of the devastating news we’d just been delivered.

Nearly 20 years later, we were given an insight into the life of Michael Mouse Tolliver in the unashamedly nostalgic “Michael Tolliver Lives!” and I’ve just learned that another novel is due to be published in November and entitled “Mary Ann In Autumn”.

I cant wait.


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