Yes, I do Feel Better

A couple of months ago, I put as my facebook status “Will Vigar just scared some chavs”. I did it again today and it was the same thing that caused the behaviour that scared said chavs.

The invention of the iPod is a miraculous thing; me and personal stereos go back a long way; I used to own a Sony Stowaway for gods sake! Sometime’s I miss cassettes and sometimes I get annoyed with how listening to music on an ipod has fundamentally changed how I listen to music. I never sit down and actively listen to an album anymore, I just drop it into the great black hole that is ‘shuffle’ and sooner or later a track from a new album will turn up. I won’t recognise it and will fumble for the ‘next’ button. When a track I recognise does turn up, it’s like greeting an old friend in a room full of needy strangers…
Which is where the chav scaring comes in.

I once wrote a note to a friend telling him that “Yes” by McAlmont and Butler is possibly the finest song written in the last 25 years. I stand by that. The problem is, I get so lost in it, I forget I’m wearing my iPod and find myself dancing along the street, wailing at the top of my voice and quite often doing that sort of self-righteous pointing and sneering thing that seems to initially bemuse chavs and eventually, in the face of a sustained dance/point/sing, scares the living crap out of them.
They clearly think I’m mad. In some ways, I feel like Pee Wee herman in the biker bar doing “Tequila!” but the most important thing is that there are so few songs that make me lose myself in such a way. Yes, I love you.


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