I’m a fat old bugger and find it really difficult to buy nice clothes in my size. I’m fed up to the back teeth of MArks and Spencers stuff – which is the only town centre shop to do things off the peg in my size – despite some of the stuff actually being quite nice. I was delighted to discover the Next do large sizes through their catalogue and I’ve been getting the odd thing from them of late. I found them when search for some new black and orange gloves online.

Anyway, I ordered a Jacket the other day and arranged for it to be delivered on Friday Morning. On Thursday evening, I got a call saying it had been sent to the wrong depot and would be a couple of days late. No problem, I arranged for it to come on Tuesday instead and shifted what I was doing on Tuesday morning to Friday Morning. When I got in on Friday afternoon, my jacket had arrived and been dumped on my front door.

I then received a phonecall from Customer Services to tell me that my coat will be delivered on Tuesday ! I pointed out I already had it and they said I couldn’t possibly have it.

I said it was a bit of a disaster and that I’d been kept on the phone for 25 mins last night ostensibly for no reason and they said they’d reimburse me £5 for the cost of the phone call. I pointed out that they called me, but they were insistent. They’d also reimburse my postage charge. So I’ve got a coat I wanted on the delivery dates specified and now have £9 off. Something weird is going on. Karma is beginning to swing my way in small stages. I say this purely because it’s the second instance today of getting something cheap or free. I got a free coffee in Starbucks this morning, too….


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