Whose Forehead is This?

Okay. I haven;t slept.

Last night I got a text. A photo was attached and the number was unknown. The photo was blurred and not displaying properly, so I bluetoothed it to the computer to see if I could make it any clearer and got the picture you see. I texted back asking who is was and got back “It’s me, Dell. Just posing for you”.

The only person I know called Dell died in 1996. So you can imagine, I’m a bit freaked out. I texted back and said, I think you have the wrong number. I got a reply saying, sorry, he was trying to get a picture to his friend Will.

Even more freakage. I haven’t replied as I’m too weirded out. And I don’t know anyone who would randomly send me a picture like that.

So, does anyone recognise this forehead? Or know anything about this?


One thought on “Whose Forehead is This?

  1. Turns out it was Del Marquis from the Scissor Sisters. My friend Carol sent it to cheer me up. She is a old friend of Ana Matronic and was hanging out with them post-gig. Carol has a new phone. The number was with held. Blimey.

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