So. Apparently, there are now 5 signs of fatigue. Along with 7 signs of Ageing.
What L’Oreal haven’t made clear is whether or not these 5 signs of fatigue are actually 5 of the 7 signs of ageing or whether we’re actually now supposed to look out for an astonishing 12 signs of not looking a hot as we could?

Does anyone actually look in the mirror and think “Oh no, I appear to be exhibiting the 7 signs of ageing” and what the hell are they anyway? Are they actually skin damage things, like crows feet, or wrinkles or tumours? Or is it simply behaviourial things like, a lovely early night, wearing slippers, effecting a comb-over and taking joy in a big mug of horlicks? Nothing is clear.

Quite why this annoys and confuses me is also unclear.


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