Why, when we’re all so concerned about high definition, super clarity and seeing things clearer than ever before are so many movies made with hand-held, out of focus wobbly-cam?

Why do we need to see blurry things so sharply? Personally, if I pay to see a movie, I like to be able to see what I’m paying for. Cloverfield epitomised the crapness inherent in wobbly-cam. It’s fundamental flaw that we saw what the characters saw. Now, okay, the immediacy of the hand-held was a fine idea, but for most of the movie, Hud was simply looking in the wrong direction, swinging round to just miss something that had already passed and focusing on the relationships between a group of largely unlikeable people.

We got mayhem, we got destruction, (believable and well executed), we got a bunch of people I had little empathy for and all the while Monsters were eating Manhattan, mostly off-screen. I know what I wanted to be watching!

But yeah. Wobbly-cam sucks. HD is a good idea. Never the twain . . .


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