So, I’m still unemployed and finding it very difficult given the level of debt I”m in. University is bloody expensive, especially on a Fine Art Degree where you get no materials given to you. If you want to do, say a bronze statue, you pay for it yourself. I wanted to do a steam bent wooden sculpture; the cost of hiring the equipment, buying the wood, receiving the training to use the equipment would have amounted to about £8K for six week work, so I simply couldn’t afford to do that. I hated having to compromise my work to suit my budget. It made a lot of my stuff look shoddy. Okay most people didn’t notice as they did know what I had planned in the first place, but you take my point. I don’t have a cheap imagination unfortunately and even with the compromises, I found myself in unfathomable debt.

But I’ve already deviated from what I wanted to say here.

So back on track…

Being unemployed, I find myself signing up to a lot of job agencies and recently found one online called ‘Staffbook’. it’s every bit as rubbish as any of the real world agencies. They take you through a complex process that involves you assessing you skills, pointing out your strengths and weaknesses, etc and it all seems terribly well thought out.

So why, when I’ve put down a million and one office skills, an aversion to public facing jobs and bloody awesome management skills and expressed a wish to work in the Southampton Area, have I been Offered a Front Of House/Bar job in Nottingham???

I despair.


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