Dear god….


Now, if you’ve read any of this blog before, you’ll know Im not vegetarian. I have many friends who are and at the risk of offending my good friend Phill, when I saw he ‘liked’ ‘vegetarian’ on facebook, I had a look at the page hoping to get some ideas for good food. What I saw first was this piece of ill informed hippy shit assaulted me:

“i don´t understand why are so many people cruel to animals. I personally admire animals, for they are perfect and so much purer than us. We have to protect them, as they give us unconditioned love and affection that we might never get from people.”

Okay, I’m all for respecting animals, but ‘purer’? ‘We have to protect them’? ‘they give us unconditional love and affection?’

Okay, missy, you seem to be living in fluffy bunny la-la-land as there are a million and four creatures that wouldn’t think twice about using your internal organs as a hat. Or just killing you because it can and feels a bit threatened. Who needs protecting from these animals? You do.

But I don’t think I”ll tell you that. If you live in such a deluded world, frankly I’d love to see how you handle, say a pride of fluffy lions, a box jellyfish, a cute little poison dart frog…

Animals do what they do; they are what they are. There’s no question of purity. We are animals. Animals eat other animals. You can choose to eat them or not.


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