Words that don’t exist

When I was little, I used a word that didn’t exist much to the amusement of my Mum. I say amusement, but she cruelly mocked me for years about using it. When you are five, making such grammatical leaps, I would have thought, shows a lively and inventive brain.

Anyhoo. The word was ‘terrid’. My reasoning was that from ‘horror’ you got ‘horrid’ and ‘horrible’, and from ‘terror’ you got ‘terrible’, so why not ‘terrid’?

I still think it valid, although if I bothered to look I”m sure the etymology would prove me wrong…

And I still stick it into conversation now and again. Luckily, most people know I have a vocabulary that contains many arcane and obsolete words, so I tend to get away with it…..but I”d love to see it used more widely….


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