Being somewhat neurotic, I can safely say that last year was on of the worst I’ve ever had. Not just for the barrage of bad luck and appalling events that beset me and my friends, but for the environment my brain created for me.

For the last year I have lived in total fear of having a heart attack. Curse of the Vigars, you see. My Dad, Brother, Granddad and Great Granddad all had heart attacks at 46; they were/are pretty fit. I am not and was utterly convinced by my inner critic that I was going carry on the family tradition and not be fit enough to survive.

Living with that kind of self induced fear is horrendous!

Today, I woke up. It’s my 47th Birthday. The weight of being 46 has vanished and strangely, I feel 10 years younger.


ALthough the fingers on my left hand are feeling a bit tingly…..


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