take it to the bridge

The problem with blogging, okay the problem with me blogging, it doesn’t seem to affect 99% of other people, is that I have to have something to blog about.

The thing that has been stopping me is that since JAnuary I’ve been working. Well, I’ve been working but not doing anything. I’ve actually been going into an office and then I”ve been given nothing to do. Boredom, soul destroying, body crushing boredom does nothing for blogging.

Factor in the huge number of friends I’ve lost and this blog seems to have become a crash course in not coping with loss.
I’ve also been diagnosed with something horrendous but we’ll get to that in about 10 years, so don’t worry yourself.

The best news I’ve had recently, bizarrely, is that I’m about to lose my job! I’m struggling to think of a single reason as to why i was employed and can only put it down to the fact that there has always been a temp in that office, so when the previous temp left, she was simply replaced. The thing is for 95% of the time, I was doing nothing. I answered about 12 queries a day from the front counter and that was it. A couple of letters a day resulted but most of the time I just had to sit and wait. I went on countless training courses, but was never allowed to use the knowledge I”d gained, as the other people in the office were insanely protective of their work and despite the fact they would constantly complain about workload, they’d never offset any of it onto the one person in the office who had been trained and willing to do it.

This reached especially silly proportions when it became apparent that I was the only person in the office able to do one particular task. With the bloated database system we use, you have to go on training courses before you are allowed access to the various sections, so if you do the ‘awards’ course, you get access to the ‘awards’ screens, etc. I was the only person with access and training to do a particular job and yet they would rather go over a deadline and have to explain to the director why they had fucked up rather than give me the work.

How frustrating is that?

When the office was disbanded thanks to a merging of schools, I was moved to the new office and for a while there, I had a bit of work to do.
It was short lived. Two weeks after I started, seven new staff started. It was clear I was finally obsolete. My assignment ends on September 16th which is an interesting choice of date. I was being kept on to answer queries about the School of Engineering and make sure the new term started well. So my last day is two weeks before term starts. I simply do not understand the logic.

But. I really don’t mind, because of the way the temp bank works, I cannot leave an assignment until it has ended. If I leave an assignment there is no obligation for the temp bank to re-assign me. So I’ve had to play a waiting game. This assignment was supposed to be for four weeks. 8 months later I’m finally released.

Anyway, the point is, nothing has happened over the last 8 months that has warranted blogging about. I was more creative when I was unemployed. Although I don’t want to be unemployed and trying to sort out a new assignment, I’m hoping the next job won’t be so dull as to bleed the life from me.


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