I’ve just been watching University Challenge and there was a set of questions  about dinosaur skeletons – which (unlike the team)  I got completely right.

Anyway, this sparked a memory from when I was about 5.  Like every small boy, I was obsessed with dinosaurs and had a particular fondness for the stegosaurus.   I had many models and pictures of the stegosaurus and desperately wanted to meet one, imagining them to be gentle creatures sort of like elephants in temperament.

When, one day, my folks took us to London Zoo, I was unbearably excited and couldn’t wait to go because I would at last see a stegosaurus!

When my folks finally told me I’d never see a stegosaurus and why, it was far more traumatic than, say, learning that Santa didn’t exist.   At least stegosauruses had existed.  I was inconsolable for days and completely ruined the visit to the zoo, screaming and demanding to see a stegosaurus!

In principle, I’m not against a ‘Jurassic Park’ like scenario. . .


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