So it’s come to this . . .

I took a fairly dramatic decision today and joined Weight Watchers.  I weigh 19 Stones and 4lb which, totting it all up into pounds come out as larger than Homer.

How the bloody hell did this happen?

I genuinely believe that overeating isn’t the problem, however. I don’t eat a great deal and tracking my food during this first week bears this out. I’ve not really changed my eating habits (maybe a bit less chocolate) and have been incredibly thorough about logging each and every detail of what I”m eating.

With the exception of one day when I used three extra Pro-Points ™, I’ve been way under my allocated daily points typically eaten around 40 points of my allotted 52. You see, I love veg, lentil, fish, etc., I have the kind of diet that you are advised to eat if you want a healthy diet!

Today, I’ve had a grand total of 30 of my points and really couldn’t eat another thing. I’ve been eating like this for the last 7 or 8 years, so adding weight because of going into ‘starvation mode’ really doesn’t bear out.

That said, I’m happy to be here and hope WW can help with what is a thorny problem, indeed!

Secondly, I think my big problem is that I absolutely loathe being active. With the exception of walking to work every day (about 2 miles each way) and the normal routine things like shopping, pottering about the house, charging across the other side of the University Campus where I work for one reason or another, I don’t really do a lot. Sport and exercise just leaves me cold and the physical sensation of sweating makes me physically sick – so yes I utterly loathe summer! Sometimes I go for a cycle ride with my partner, but on the whole, I don’t exercise. That may be my downfall. 

Lets see how it goes . . .


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