A bit whiney this one, but after the horrific nature of last year – a year I was convinced *had* to be better than the previous year which featured some of the most appalling things I ever experienced – this one has got off to another weird start.

I do contract work for the University and after 3 weeks off over the Xmas/New Year vacation I got a new position at Winchester School of Art.   I though this would be quite fun.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with the actual job – I’m actually doing real work that takes all day and is relatively interesting instead of sitting around waiting for something to do – but the problem is that I’m at Winchester School of Art; the very place I should be doing an MA at.

It is massively frustrating being in the very building I was denied access to because my tutors at Uni refused to respond to my emails about references. Every day, I see people turning up to do the course I was supposed to do and to add insult to injury, my job is basically sifting through the applications to see who is a likely candidate for the course I should be on.  Bah.

I think I probably died three years ago and this has actually been hell.

Plus after 30 years of suffering with the same back pain; in the same place,  I’ve learned to deal with it.   I get get about quite happily on my stick and suck up the pain without much in the way of bitching.

Good for me.

Except yesterday, a different part of my back did something unexpected and now I’ve no idea how to move, walk using a stick or wriggle a bit to lessen the pain.   My back is on fire, I can hardly move and I”m in a seriously bad mood.

And of course, being a temp, I don’t get sick pay, so I”m going to have to battle the train station and it’s unpleasant rude shouty school kids whilst in pain and hobbling about on a stick.

And don’t get me started on being forced to move house because a for sale sign has appeared on the flat . . .

Next post will be less whiney. Promise.


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