Another delay

Well, it’s all a bit weird at the moment. Although my default position is to comfort eat in time of stress – and I tend to have a very stressful life – I’ve been quite pleased with myself. Despite being kicked out of my flat (the landlord decided to sell rather unexpectedly) and Mum having a Cancer scare (turned out to be negative this time, thank god) and starting a new job, I have, apart from one day when I had a horrible chinese take away, stayed within my points allowance.

For me, this is a major step forward.

Comfort eating took some pretty extreme forms. THe depths of which included one pack of CHocolate Angel Delight, One pack of Butterscotch Angel delight missed in a huge bowl and eaten, not with a spoon, but with two packs of maryland cookies.
Well. That wasn’t the *absolute* nadir. Substitute the angel delight for one tub each of Betty Crocker Vanilla and Chocolate frosting and you’re there. :-/

I haven’t been that bad in quite a while, but comfort eating has always been a problem.

Keeping within my points, and just having the points allowance is helping me make sense of my eating. It’s odd, because in recent years, I’ve actually had a pretty good diet in terms of what I eat. Just not in terms of the quantities. The good thing is that I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on anything. The points system is allowing me to be creative with what I eat and find flavour either in new ingredients or re-tooling old favourites to be tastier and more healthy.

I’m actually finding it fun to work within the limitations of the points system rather than the unlimited quantities and ingredients of my imagination. 

The reliance on take-outs has been all but destroyed – although I can now get 3 meals from a Papa Johns Pepperoni special instead of 1 should I be so tempted – and learning to make take away favourites cheaper and better (Thank you Ching) has been a easy revelation. I mean, it’s quicker, tastier and healthier to make a Chicken Chow Mein from scratch than it is to phone for a take out and have it delivered, or pop round to the take away. 

Work is a little more problematic because everywhere you go, you are surrounded by vending machines, but salads some WW snacks and a yoghurt and I’m usually okay and can fit a treat in too.

After 5 weeks of relative healthiness, eating really fatty foods gives me heartburn/acid, so I’m not even wanting to eat it. 



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