An unexpected thought and new reason for weight loss . . .

I’m not what you’d call fashion driven. I’ve never been that into clothes and designers and they like tending to dress in basic black or jeans and tee-shirts. It suits my utilitarian outlook on life. I’ve never, in all my years, owned a suit. I’ve never needed one given the places I’ve worked.

But on losing weight, I’ve started thinking that I could actually start buying clothes outside of M&S; at the moment, the only place I can buy off the racks – unless you count ‘High and Mighty’ which more explains the prices than the cloths it sells. Yet, I’m thinking that if I can get down to a 36″ waist – currently at 43″ – I could actually start shopping somewhere other than M&S and buy things that are a little more – dare I say it – fashionable!

How weird is that?


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