Grease is not the word what ever the Bee Gees say!

I’m actually finding it quite difficult to eat greasy and fatty food now.

Not for any idealogical reasons; the notion of fat and sugar, in my mind, still = reward.

No, its actually become unpleasant eating fried and greasy food. I’ve gone off the feel of it in my mouth and, more pertinently, excess fat now gives me horrific heartburn, acid reflux and nausea.

Did I always feel like this when eating fats, I wonder, and just learn to live with it as ‘normal’? Has eating healthily ruined my taste for my old favourite foods?

I mean, my favourite dessert always used to be a seriously Sticky Toffee Pudding, preferably with clotted cream, failing that, a good ice cream.

Now I can’t get enough of a meringue nest, with 0% yoghurt and passion fruit!

Or griddled pineapple with low fat iced dessert….

Times have changed.

And I’m currently 18lbs lighter!


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