This week has been a tough week.

I’m going through the slowest and most stressful of house moves that I’ve ever been through and fretting like a madman. I’m certain this is why I’ve lost 2 pounds instead of the usual 1lb.

Being as I’ve been without a kitchen in two houses, my food intake has relied on pub food and take aways this week. I can’t believe my restraint!

With the exception of two fantastic meals (well, one and a half) at the Trago Lounge in Portswood where I had total blowouts, I’ve taken the healthy and fewer-pointy options. Yay, me!

The two meals, incidentally, were a huge pork chop with bubble and squeak, a poached egg and hollandaise that, although the pork chop was glorious, beautifully cooked and worth every last point, would have still been amazing without it; and a steak and kidney pudding with mushy peas, both glorious, and served with over cooked chip and battered onion rings which seemed a little unnecessary and far too greasy. Some nice potato would have been good, but the chips and onions rings, after tentative nibbling, stayed on the side of the plate. Briefly. My partner nicked them 🙂


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