Okay. Just eating up to my points has stopped working.

I loathe exercise. I loathe getting sweaty. I loathe sport.

This maybe be why I”m chunky, of course…but I used to do dance and theatre which kept me fit enough.

Stage fright struck suddenly which stopped my theatrical pursuits. 

So….what do i do?

Well, I have no compulsion to go to a gym. I’ve tried that and found them to be unpleasant, unfriendly places. So, I’m staring up with the Wii. Wii-fit for starters and I have Zumba on order.

I’ve done a couple of days of Wii (with the curtains closed and while my partner is at work) and I can’t really say I’ve had fun, exactly, but I’ve felt the heart beating like an avalanche and….gulp…sweat. Ugh!

I’m guessing I’ll keep it up, assuming my partner isn’t around, so maybe things will start moving again…. and maybe the Zumba will be a giggle… but I”m doing this under duress . . .

<mutter Mutter grumble>


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