Engage Smug Mode

Can I just point out some stuff? 

The temptations this week have been horrific. On Monday, I went to the dentist and couldn’t sleep on Monday night because of the pain. As a result, rather than sleeping, I spent monday night baking, somewhat bizarrely. 

I made cheese scones, a quiche, a chocolate tray bake, an humungous Carrot Cake, Jammie Dodgers, Lemon Fingers, chocolate chip cookies ( 1lot with dark chocolate and one lot with white chocolate and raspberry pieces.

With the exception of four scones and about 6 biscuits, I ate none of the above, instead bequeathing it to the various offices I worked at at the University. That was temptation for Tuesday and Wednesday (they didn’t last long). On Thursday, someone brought in a further 6 cakes (shop bought) and on Friday it was a colleagues birthday and they got a full on birthday party with nibbles, sausage rolls, pringles, malteaser cake, wine gums (!) and various other bits and pieces…

Not only did I resist, but, to be honest, I didn’t want any of it, seeing nothing but a sea of fat and sugar.

How times are changing . . .


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