Nice Soup!

I made some Carrot and Coriander soup today which is odd as it’s my least favourite soup. Whenever I”ve had it, it’s always been really bland and dull.

I only made it because I had a bag of carrots that had been lurking in the bottom of the fridge for waaaaay too long.

Anyway, I followed the recipe from the BBC website and yes, it was bland.

So i had a look round the the kitchen and found an orange, some dried chilli, red lentils, some coriander roots and some white wine vinegar. I used the zest and juice of the orange about a table spoon of the vinegar fine chopped root and the tiniest sprinkle of chilli flakes. And I mean tiny.

Pepped it up no end and made it palatable.

and only 1 point per serving.

And 11 for the two cheddar scones that went with it. But that’s fine. I’m allowed once in a while 🙂


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