Game of Thrones.

I’m finding Game of Thrones frustrating.  

I was deeply surprised by the books – well, the two I’ve sad – and get annoyed with the relegation of the Dothraki to fairly mindless savages; the Khaleesi having the most fascinating character development within the first book. Her relationship with Khal Drogo and her education of the ways of the Dothraki being the highpoint of the book for me.

As for kit shedding, well, it’s all a bit ‘Torchwood’ isn’t it? Making an ‘adult’ TV series should really mean that it’s uncompromising, take some though and not afraid to shy away from difficult decisions rather than chucking in shagging for the sake of it.  I mean, noone seems to be able to hold a conversation without either taking someone else from behind, orchestrating lesbian sex or getting blown by whores….   I mean, way to play up to the fantasy geek living in his mums basement…

And besides, from my perspective, there’s only two so far that would suit nudity.  One died within 5 mins of episode one starting and the second resolutely stays within a bulky cloak.

Sean Bean ruins the character of Ned Stark.  Where the books have him as a man strangled by nobility and chivalry, intelligent but hamstrung by being able to empathise with everyone’s point, Bean turns him into a baffled idiot.

Conversely, Cersei is a revelation.  THe character in the book was a bit of a cypher, but here you get a real sense of the hurt she’s been through and a real sense of revenge all done with a subtle and powerful performance. Marvellous.

Other than that I’m really enjoying it.

And The Imp pretty much owns every scene he’s in…especially the ‘confession’ scene.  Marvellous.

Haven’t seen season 2 yet, I’ve still 2 episodes of season 1 to watch and I’m waiting for the blu-rays, anyway 🙂


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