Diagnosis: Body Horror

When ever I’ve lost weight  before – and I’ve now lost 25lbs since Xmas – my psyche conspires against me to give me horrific ‘body horror’ nightmares. In one instance, I found a small hole in my arm where my bicep is. I prodded it with my finger and found I could get my whole finger in it and eventually, my whole fist, at which point, the hole widened, sprouted teeth and bit my hand off. It was like something from John Carpenters “The Thing”. Several weeks of body horror dreams, and I stop going to the gym…the dreams stop, the weight goes back on.

Once, in real life, after a couple of weeks of gym work, I found a lump in my arm. I was convinced it was a cyst and terrified it might be cancer. I went to the doctor pointed out my fears, got him to prod the lump and was diagnosed as ‘having a muscle’.

Oh the shame . . . .


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