Things like this . . . .

. . . really shouldn’t bother me.

But they do.

To whit:  The job I’m doing at the moment is in a very large office.  Most people there are okay and one guy in particular was very friendly when I first started.  I got on with him really well. We had a laugh, etc.

Then he ‘found out’ that I was gay, not that I’d ever kept it secret, after all, I had mentioned ‘My Partner, Andy’ several times.  He’d simply not put two and two together.

Now, according to him, I obviously fancy him which is why I was ‘constantly sniffing around’. . . and he’s being a big an arsehole as it’s possible for one man to be.  How depressing.

The really annoying thing is the job I’m currently doing – which is okay – has just turned up on the job website as a full time position, which, I’ve been told, I could easily get.  But do I want to spend the rest of my working life dodging a bigot?

I thought this sort of attitude dies out in the 80’s.

We didn’t even have the comedy confused tolerant bigot conversation of yore:

“I’m Gay”
“Well as long as you don’t try anything on with me”
“It okay, I don’t fancy you”
“Why not? What’s wrong with me?”



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