My subconscious astounds me. What started as a vague idea as doing a painting, vaguely in the style of Russell Mills, is turning out to be a bit of a love poem to Paris. Thats it below. Doesn’t look much like Paris does it? it didn’t to me, either, but as I put the shapes down the word “Paris” became lodged in my brain.

Up until about 11pm last night, I couldn’t tell you why it was Paris and suddenly it hit me. It’s a very personal Paris; things, mostly sculptures, that have resonated with me. The gardens behind the Rue de Rivoli, Place Igor Stravinsky, Les Halles Gardens and a couple of other bits yet to come.
Funny how I didn’t know what it was until I was half way through. Perhaps my brain is telling me to go back. It’s been a while…

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