Jog Jog Jog Jog Jog……. aaaaaaargh!

So, that was my morning.   Well . . . part of it anyway.  After being on Weight Watchers for 18 months and losing 54lbs, my weight stalled and started rising again about 4 months ago.  Not by much, but I’m back up to 16st from 15st 8lbs. This is despite keeping to the Weight Watchers plan.

I figured that the only thing I could do is to start exercising.

I hate exercise.  Mostly because I hate sweating and I’ve never understood the whole “oooh it great because of the endorphins” thing.   I never ever go the endorphin rush.  All that happens is that after exercise, I’m sweaty miserable and ravenous.

I’ve got really weird skin that doesn’t like sunlight, my sweat brings me out in a rash as does the stuff they stick in swimming pools, so swimming is out.

So…. I’ve started this morning on the now famous “NHS Sofa to 5K” running programme.

it’s aneat little podcast that plays music and instruction at you tell you when to walk, when to run, when to cool down, etc.  It takes the sofa part seriously and assumes you are… like me, really. Overweight, under fit and very, very reluctant.

But the most interesting thing is… I did it.  I got through the first day alive.  I can’t honestly say I feel better for it, but….early days.  I got hopelessly out of breath and no, I didn’t get the endorphin rush.

Day 2 on Wednesday.   

I think the weirdest thing about it was that I didn’t even feel vaguely stupid.  Now THAT was unexpected!


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