Week One. Over and Done.

Today marks to end of the first week of doing “NHS to 5k” podcast programme.

It’s been painful, although admittedly less painful as the week goes on which is probably a good thing.  What surprises me more than anything is that I didn’t give up after the pain of the first day.  I do that.

I always said that if I were to start up at the gym again, I’d only ever use the Treadmills as its the only thing I get any sort of enjoyment from.  It occurred to me that the embarrassment and painful self awareness I feel in the gym environment would be no greater running down more or less empty suburban streets.  In fact, I’d actually be a lot more self-conscious in a gym.  Then there’s negotiating the showers and the sneers of the Muscle Mary’s all of which conspire to make going to a gym a deeply uncomfortable experience.

I’d been fixating on the idea of treadmills forgetting that all a pavement is is a static treadmill.  So, fewer people, less intimidation, leafy streets and none of that shit pounding music they always seem to pump into the gym.

So here I am.  End of week one.  Not in as much pain as I suspected I would be; not in hospital;  not even feeling stupid.   This is a promising start.

I can’t honestly say I feel any better for it, but I’ve only done one week of a 9 week programme.

I do feel slightly smugger though.


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