More things that annoy me.


Okay, that’s a bit general.

Lets try and specify.

Right.  What’s annoying me at the moment is the general mood of the nation that suggests that they want everything the modern world has to offer.  And they want it now.  That’s NOW! And with  ABSOLUTELY NO INCONVENIENCE AT ALL.

We want the best mobile phone service imaginable, but we don’t want phone masts anywhere near us.

We want clean energy cheaply, but we won’t replace nuclear stations and refuse and protest the building of Wind farms, wave farms and incinerators.   We want them out of town, but we don’t want them on anywhere pretty.  We want them to work for us at no cost to us.  We want more and more services but demand to pay fewer and fewer taxes and then complain because basics like bin collections and street lights aren’t affordable and have to be cut back.


Just….. fucking grow up, Britain!

Minor rant over.


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