Week 2 – NHS Couch to 5k

An interesting week.   Obviously, the runs got a bit tougher.  That’s sort of the point, but disaster struck in a minor but painful way.

I did the first run on monday and got a HUGE blister on my heal.  By the time I got home from my post-run warm down, it had burst leaving a very raw, painful and bloody heel.  Dutifully, I got ready for my run on wednesday, and I couldn’t even manage the five minute warm up.  I’d been walking around either barefoot or in flip flops since the bursting, so as not to aggravate it. First time on with trainers (well Converse All Star Hi-tops) and it was still incredibly painful.  So, off they came and I reluctantly gave up for the day.

Thursday comes around and it’s still a bit sore, but I give it a go.  This time, I managed it.  it wasn’t easy and still hurt a bit, but…I did it.  Yay me.

Being as I have to fit three in in a week, I did the third on Friday. Not ideal as you’re supposed to leave a day between sessions, but needs must.  The difference on Friday was that it was raining.  I hummed and haa-ed about whether to go running in the rain, but thought, sod it, stuck a thicker top on and went out anyway.

it’s a whole new ball game running in the wet.  The rain itself  doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but the effect of the rain on the road and pavement is quite marked.  Sudden, everything becomes a slip hazard; hitting a corner an anything other than walking speed, drain covers, tarmac, gravel patches, etc., all conspire to put you off your balance.

I feel somewhat amazed that I didn’t go arse over tit at any point during the run. And somewhat proud.

I’m worried about week three.  The running to walking ratio is substantially upped and it’s also not a regular rhythm.  To date the rhythm has be x y x y x y x y, etc…   this time it’s x y x z  x y x z.  So you get less recovery time after the longer active session.

Mind you, that said, I was wondering about doing it five days a week. The ‘correct’ week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and two ‘previous’ week session on tuesday and thursday.

I really want to drop the weight before September.  The programme runs until the end of August by which time, I’ll expect to have lost another 10 pounds.  I could be setting myself up for a fall, but at least I’ be fitter.

Also, my Nike-iPod thingy turned up yesterday, so I’ll be using that for the first time on Monday.


4 thoughts on “Week 2 – NHS Couch to 5k

    • Not yet. I’m about to go put and get some trainers today. Not idea what to get with an extremely limited budget, though. Definitely sticking with it though. I’ve been inactive for about 25 years, so it’s about time I did something about it. I’ve been surprised how well I’ve managed through this NHS thing so far.

      • Sometimes Aldi have running gear which is quite good. I’ve still got some socks from there and a jacket which is really good.

  1. Managed to find some Nike Airs that were at a ridiculous sale price. 40 quid instead of 130! Nice supported heels and arch support. Score!

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