Charity and Government Rant that Will Probably Make Me No Friends.

I have, on occasion, given money to charity.  I have a bit of a problem with it as I really don’t beleive charities should exist.  We pay taxes.  The government is failing in it’s duty of care if those taxes aren’t used to look after it’s populace. We pay National insurance which again, seems to be completely misused.  My opinion is that the more we give to charity, the less the government feels obliged to do their job properly.

This, of course, is an ideal world situation, and it’s not an ideal world.

I’m kind of wondering where politics went wrong; when The People stopped mattering.  Why has government become more about personality that actually doing stuff?  When did the parties become so homogenised that it stopped being about ideology and maore about a change of management?

And why, throughout all this, have the people stopped mattering and stopped caring?

The Parties have become so alike, there’s no point in having them. The Election has become about a change of management rather than a change of ideology.

Of course, as a single person, a can do bugger all about it, so I kind of have to suck it up.

So, the practical up shot it that every now and again, I give to charity, but I do so on my terms.  I will not give to those collectors who bar your exit on leaving a supermarket, nor will I sign up  to those people with clipboards who accost you in the street.  WHen I go into town to shop (Which is rare these days)  I want to shop.  I don’t want to have to negotiate a circuitous route around the main street in order to avoid the perky guilt trippers with clipboards.

And ESPECIALLY, and this is probably why I’m writing this post, I will NOT give to those arse holes from The Red Cross who came to my house three times on Thursday.  The first visit, I explained that I couldn’t give because I”m unemployed and not on benefits, so I simply don’t have money at the moment.   The second time, thye said “we don’t believe you, you can give a couple of pounds a month” and the third time, I recognised the knock. The conversation, behind a closed door,  went thus:

“Is that the Red Cross?”

“Yes, we want . . .”


Now, I understand that charities are doing a good thing, within the limits of the opening paragraph, but isn’t that taking it a bit far?   I mean how rude is it for someone to come to my house and try to bully me out of money I don’t have?  Any respect I may have had for the Red Cross has sort of filtered away.

Meanwhile, back at politics…

I still have this thought that anyone who aspires to be a politician should not be allowed to do the job.

I genuinely think that politics would be more acceptable if it was done on the same principal as Jury Service, that is anyone of age and without criminal conviction could be called up to do a period of public service.  They’d be compensated by the State for loss of earnings and any business concerns would be looked after during their tenure.

The common man, would be given the right to make decisions . . . which is sort of what democracy is supposed to be about.

It’ll never happen though.  Those in power would never give it up and would actively legislate against any move to make it happen.

So, my list of demands?

Well, I’m not sure I have demands, as such; a list of things I’d like, yes, but in a democratic world, you can’t make demands.


a) Voting to be made compulsory. The only way democracy can work is if everyone has they’re say.

This, of course, has inherent problems in that if you choose not to vote, that is your democratic right, but with only 40% of the population voting, there is anything but a majority voting in any given government. It seems to work okay in Australia, mind you.  w

b) Taxes.  We have to accept that we cannot have the amenities and lifestyle that we want without paying for it.  A rise in taxes is the only way forward.  That includes the rich bastards who pay nothing.  I’m not suggesting a return to the 97% supertax of the 70’s, but if you can afford it, you should pay for it. Simple as that. All tax loopholes should be closed.

Business taxes.  If you operate in the country, you pay the taxes.   If your head office is an another country, tough.  If it means leaving the country, then that will mean that small, independent businesses won’t be crowded out by multinationals. Is that a bad thing?

c) Absolute equality.

d) More Council housing, more affordable housing. And not on floodplains because the land is cheap, you muppets!

e) NHS.  Can we go back to the model of the NHS that worked, please?  It used to work, I”m sure… but what happened when bureaucracy took over?   More managers than beds, thats what. How is this even possible?

I’d actually like to see a total separation of church and state, the abolition of the monarchy and the abolition of marriage in favour of civil partnerships for all.  Marriage has changed and been devalued to the point where it is ridiculously outmoded. For life?   Probably not. I actually like the old pagan practice of jumping the broomstick that binds two people together for a year and a day. That give an excuse for a party ever year and a renewal of vows and commitment.  If you can’t be arsed or don’t jump it, you are not longer obligated to stay together.  That and a pre-nup to ensure the welfare of any children should be enough.

Meanwhile back at charity.

I’m actually grown up enough to make my own decisions.  If I want to give, I’ll give. I don’t mind TV and newspaper ads, although would prefer “This is what is happens, this is what we do, can you spare some cash” type ads rather than the simpering, heart tugging, emotional blackmaily type.  I’d rather have facts, thanks. And an immediate sterilising of the twats who came up with the “Cancer, you prat” advertisements. REally?   That’s the best you could come up with?

Look.  I’m tired.  I had a rough night and just want to sleep.

Go away.


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