Whoo, and indeed, Hoo.

Hospital visit number one was a success. 

I’ve lost all faith in the vast majority of alternative therapies.  At one point, anecdotal evidence was all I needed and ended up taking many bullshit therapies far too seriously.  Ben Goldacre probably had a lot to do with it, as well as rejecting my former spiritual path.

These days, if it ain’t quantifiable, I’m not really interested. 

Well… sort of.  I”m not convinced the benefit of meditation are quantifiable as such, but would advocate it;s use to any one.  I know that when my back was causing me enormous amounts of pain, acupuncture was the only thing that gave me any relief,

So when was told this morning that I was going to receive acupuncture for my damaged shoulder, I was extraordinarily happy.  Being an NHS therapy, it’s free.  For now, anyway.

But what an amazing piece of news.

Homeopathy, my arse.


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