NHS C25K – Week 3

It’s been an odd week.  I’ve found this week quite difficult and have severe misgivings about next.

At the moment, the maximum you run in one go it 3 minutes (the joy of intervals). Which doesn’t seem a lot but for a fat old duffer like me is a minor miracle.  Anyway, next week, you get shorter walk rests and run in 5 minute stretches which seems like a huge leap.

Anyway, As I knew I was having a busy friday, I did my runs on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, which meant I went against the programme by not having at least a days rest between runs.  Strangely, Thursday’s run was the best one yet.  Not only did I complete the programme, but I took a different route that ended a fair distance away from my usual ‘end’.   I could have extended the cool down walk, but chose to run instead. And then do the cool down.  So I did about 2 minutes extra running.   Again, doesn’t sound a lot, but . . . small steps…

Now the weird thing is, because I’m worried about next weeks run, and because I didn’t run on Friday, I got a bit antsy about there being 3 days between the last run of week three and the first of the much tougher week four.  So I went for another run this morning.  I did the week three workout with one difference.  On the last three minute run, I didn’t stop.  The timing suggested I managed about 4:15 rather than 3:00 before crapping out, but it’s made the 5 mins seem more achievable.

I still have my reservations, mind you.

I went out at around 7:00am, I usually wait until about 9:15, and as well as being quieter and cooler, you also see things you wouldn’t normally see on a standard weekday.  A fox, some beautiful, colourful birds and… a dishevelled Smurf doing the walk of shame….

And the banana and blueberry pancakes with butterscotch syrup on the return home have never tasted sweeter.


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