Potentially Suicidal!

Okay. This running thing is getting under my skin.

I’m having these suicidal thoughts about my next run.  As far as is possible, I do the three runs per week as dictated by the NHS podcast.  Although, If I can, I slip in another, so I’m doing 4 over 6 days.

I’m on week four, so I’m not what you’d call super fit.  Todays runs was actually pretty horrendous, as I wasn’t particularly mindful of my pacing until far too late.   Anyway, when I got home, I’d missed the postman.   There was a red card which always annoys me.

I looked on google maps to see where the nearest collection office is and, thanks to a quick play with Map-o-meter.com, how far it is if you run.   It’s 4.2 km. That’s about the distance I ran today – slightly less.

You can see where this is going, right?

So… I’m debating whether I should slip another run in tomorrow and run to the post office. Recover and have a coffee somewhere and then run back.  Not using the same NHS run, but one a couple of weeks older… basically easier run parameters.

I have no doubt I would be knackered and, with another run planned for Saturday, potentially damaging.  Or is it?    Is this a good thing to do?   Hmmm…… we’ll see…



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