For years, various friends have said “You should write a book”.

I’ve always struggled as to what this might be, but the consensus of my friends has always been that I should write an autobiography.   The rationale being that I have, for all my attempts at “normality”, had a very bizarre life.   I’ve experienced things that would look far fetched in Soap Operas; the sort of thing that people would raise an eye brow at and assume the writers were on something.

Some of it is extremely painful, some of it just completely stupid.

I’m not that good at prose.  I err towards pretentious and aloof.  My dialogue is pretty good though.  Maybe I should do it as comic?   There’s a market for ‘real life’.

Of course, with some of it being so contentious, I’d have to do it under a pseudonym.  

Hmmmm . . .

I dunno . . . 



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