More running . . .

This week was a bit chaotic as far as the running thing went.

Monday was scary, as I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to make the leap from Week 3 to week 4 (of the NHS Couch to 5k programme).  The leap between them seemed unattainable.

But I did it!  it was tough,  yes, and it was incredibly hot, so  it was incredibly unpleasant physically and I pretty much made the route up as I went along, which lead to an interesting frisson.

I set out on Wednesday with glee in my heart, knowing that I’d managed to do it on Monday and…

that was probably my downfall.  My pacing was completely off.  I barely got through the first section of the programme as I simply ran too fast and tired myself out.   The rest of the run was awful.  Halfway through the third section, I had to stop and pause the workout, although the final five minute stretch went without incident., probably because it was downhill and I totally zoned out.

Zoning out on a run is actually a very good thing.  I like the meditative aspect of running; the repetitive action and the focus on breathing.  If you can get all of those things working together, it is simply the finest of Transcendental experiences.  it actually works better  – not better, faster -with a treadmill, as that is simply controlled falling, but running works well, too… The great thing about it is that you enter the meditative state and sudden’y the workout is over.   You’ve arrived at your destination and Laura, the NHS woman on the podcast, is congratulating you…

Unless you have a really, really dumb idea, like I had on Friday.

I needed to pick up a parcel and the sorting office is round about the distance I usually run away. I’ll run there,  I thought.

Bad move.

The route was very residential, with many, many multiple occupation buildings and large areas of off-street parking.  THis meant that the pavement had all been dropped; they are all on about a 30 degree angle.  THis meant I was never sure-footed and the run just felt weird, like one leg had shrunk by about 10 centimetres. It felt like “Speed Limping” and was absolutely murder on the knees.

To add insult to injury, the route I took was filled with major road junctions and crossroads… so I had to stop every few minutes for traffic.  How frustrating.

Anyway, by the time I got to the sorting office, I felt utterly wretched.

How wretched?

So wretched, I had to go and sit down in a Mc-Bloody-Donalds. It was the only place that allowed me to sit down and have coffee, that’s how wretched.

Going back, after a 40 mins coffee and a bit of a read, I decided to do a previous weeks run from the NHS programme.  A bit easier and a bigger walk:run ratio.

It came with the same problems, but was a bit easier.  In fact I seemed to finish the programme about half way through the route. So I walked a bit, got my breath back and ran a bit more.

So I did 2 and a bit runs on Friday.   Yay me.

However, next week, I’m going to repeat week 4, rather than move onto week 5.  Given the poor pacing, the interruptions and general crapiness of the last couple of runs, I don’t feel that I have achieved what I should have achieved.

And I’d rather feel that I’d done it right before moving on…. so…


Had a lovely afternoon on the common with the Comic Club from the Art House. Picnic, friends and Boules . . . is there nothing finer?  Mind you, walking across the common was a bit like being dropped into Shameless: The Movie…


Tomorrow is Pacific Rim day.  Really looking forward to it, but truth be told, I still rather he’d made “At The Mountains Of Madness” instead.


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