Week whatever. 4.5.

So, last weeks running was a bit of a disaster.

Was I put off?

No, I wasn’t.

Where on earth did I get such resolve and staying power?   It’s a bloody mystery! (as Toyah almost said)

Anyway. I decided that this week I would redo week 4.   I dutifully did this on Monday and it went spectacularly well. So well, that on wednesday, I decided to do week 5.1.

Unbelievably, this went incredibly well, too, but not wishing to rush things, I decided to do 5.1 again on Friday.

Sadly, after wednesday, tragedy struck and my knees were in absolute agony.   I put the blame for this firmly in the court of a book I got from amazon. The NHS podcasts are quite clear about how you should run and week one goes through the motions that your foot should make to minimise impact and run safely.   The book I bought says the exact opposite.  I got a bit confused by this and wondered whether it was simply a question of choice.   I thought I’d give it a go.   it was more painful running, but I wondered whether this was because the running sections were longer and rest periods shorter.

I don’t think so.  An hour or so after finishing my run, my arches hurt like buggery, my knees had swollen up and the joint between the tibia and patella was red hot, grinding and incredibly painful.

I went for a quick google (as you do) and read that this was caused by running in exactly the way this new book had suggested.  Luckily, it said that the effects were temporary and that anti-inflammatories would calm it down in a day or so.

A fist full of voltarol and two days later, I do the run again. THis time I use the NHS method of foot control.    Much better.  Still a little awkwardness in the joint, but nowhere near as bad as wednesdays run.  The website suggested that after this joint pain, it might take a couple of runs to feel fully comfortable again, so i reckon I’m on course.

The other cool thing is that I got some…. well actually they’re “cycling tights” – basically cycling shorts, but longer.  I’d been wearing those track suit bottoms that are slightly furry on the inside.   Horrible things, really.  And they make you sweat like nothing on earth.   The new ones are cool (in the temperature sense of the word) and any sweat evaporates.   They are so much more comfortable.   Also they were on sale, so I got them for 12 quid in stead of 40. 🙂

Next week, I’m going to go for week 5.2 on Monday and Wednesday and 5.3 on Friday.   Assuming my knees work.


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