I’m thinking of calling Wednesday . . .

 . . . “Cocky Sod” day.

It happens every week.  I do a great run on Monday, then it all goes wrong on Wednesday.  I think I’m so stoked about Mondays runs, that I basically over do it.

On monday I did the 20 minute block without a problem.  Today, my first 5 minute run was a bit of a disaster.  I think I was trying to run too quickly, buoyed by the success of Monday.

I managed to sort it out and by the end of the first walk, I’d got my mojo back.

I got through the 8 minutes fine, started the 3 minute walk and got frustrated because I wasn’t running.   I managed about 40 secs of walking before breaking into a run again.   I ran through the rest of the walk period and straight through the next run period to the finish.

I think the first five minutes of my run(s) is the crucial ‘pace setting’ section. I often go too fast and tire myself out, before working out what my optimum pace is.  Once I’m past the first five minutes, the breathing comes more naturally, the meditative aspects come into play and I seem to do fine.

The first five minutes is the bit to work on, I think.

Also, today I forgot to put my knee supports on.   I shan’t be forgetting to do that again in a hurry.  I also forgot to vaseline my thighs, so they’re a bit sore too.  You live and learn, I suppose.

I’m trying out some gel-insoles later in the week to see if they help with the battered knees.



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