Running Madness.

I’m finding this running thing odd.

Mostly because it’s exercise and I really don’t do exercise.   I’ve avoided it for almost 30 years, have always loathed sport and find the process of sweating seriously uncomfortable.


I hate to sweat.

It’s so common! 😀

But.   Here i am, 7 weeks into the course (well, technically 5 weeks, but I’ve repeated some stuff as I wasn’t happy with the way they went) and I’m finding it a little intoxicating.

I’m sure I still have a lot to learn and I’m fairly sure my running gait is more like power-mincing than actual running, but bloody hell, I”m enjoying it.  This has come as a massive shock to both me and my lovely partner.

I went on a massive weight loss programme about 18 months ago and lost just over three stones.  I got very frustrated because after 14 months, despite watching everything I ate and keeping well within guidelines, I simply stopped losing weight. I plateaued for about 4 months; nothing.  So i figured the only way I could lose more weight is exercise.   That’s not much of an epiphany.   I’d known this since I started losing weight but had always put it off.

THe ironic thing is that after losing so much weight, I had to buy a lot of new clothes and now after running for 7 weeks, my legs have put on enough muscle mass to make getting into my skinny jeans a bleeding nightmare.   Chunky calves, the bane of running.

I’ve also  put some of the weight back on which, I assume, is muscle mass as well.  My waist has got smaller and my stomach has gone down a bit (I can now get into L sized teeshirts rather that the xxxl shirts I was wearing 18 months back) but I’m about 5lbs up from before I started this programme.

I’m not obsessing though.  I know the weight will, in time, fall off.

Anyway, the madness bit is that even though I usually run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I had an itch I had to scratch when I woke up… and I had to run.  So I ran.  Completely unstructured and pretty messy; just running for how ever long I felt like running, walking when I wanted… and just kind of enjoying it. I ended up doing  5 walk/5 run/1 walk/8 run,/ 3 walk/ 10 run/ 2 walk/4 run and then a cool down walk and stretches…longer than I would normally.

Of course, there’s a reason the podcasts say leave it a day between runs which, sadly, I’ve ignored and I”m paying the price now.   My knees are in bloody agony!

Also, I have a freind who is going to send me a list of good stretches for “Quads, hamstrings, adductors, abductors, glutes, calves, soleus, TA”.  I don’t even known what half of those are.  I mean, I do stretch, but probably not enough, so this will be a godsend.  Thanks Jacob!

I’m hope that these gel inserts I’ve got for my trainers will help.  They will at least absorb some of the impact…

Next scheduled run is supposed to be tomorrow, but I think I’ll put it back until Saturday.

How weird is this . . . I can’t wait!


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