NHS Couch to 5k – Week 6.3

So, the stretches my friend gave are doing their job well, but it’s a bit like trying to play Twister with Dali. (Left ventricle to green giraffe)

Anyway, after overdoing it last week and having to miss running on Friday to Sunday, with some trepidation, I went out for a run on Monday.

It went well.  There’s not really much to report. I did week 6.1 and it was fine.  A bit easier because of the gel insoles, perhaps, but uneventful.

I’m getting very bored with the music on the podcasts, so decided I’d go for my own playlist for week 6.2.  It went thus:

Green man – XTC (6 mins warm up. Should be 5 but I always walk during Laura’s 1 minute preamble)

Eve of the War – Jeff Lynne (10:14)

We Are So Fragile – Bis (3:00)

This Corrosion – Sisters of Mercy (10:17)

Atomic – Blondie (4:00)

Then some Brian Eno for to cool down walk.

Thing is, although the songs had a clear indication of when to run and walk, I forgot to walk and remembered half way though the walk song (Bis).  So I kept going on.

And on. And on. Right through the walking phase and into the second 10 minute block.

This meant that I’d already done 23 minutes of solid running.  So I ran through the next track, too.  That was 4 minutes long.  Week 6.3 is a 25 minute block, so I had bypassed week 6.2 and went straight into 6.3.

I had already done 6.2 last week, but my Thursday stupidity stopped me doing 6.3 last Friday, so this wasn’t exactly unprepared for.

But still.  27:30.  Wow.

Two months back I could barely do a minute without passing out.

I think I’ll do it again on friday and start week 7 on Monday.

The other interesting thing is that after my wibble about weight loss last week, I’ve started to lose weight.  Slowly, but I’ve lost 4lb in the last 2 weeks. Yeah!


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