Not ideal running story . . .

I woke up on Friday feeling less than chipper.  I decided I wasn’t gong to miss my run.  It’s only 30 minutes. I can cope.

Well, the first mistake I made was while I was getting ready.  Ever had one of those moments when you’re brain simply isn’t functioning because of tiredness.  You have a task to do, but you can’t quite get the mechanics of it right?

Well, on Friday I was getting my iPod ready and instead of sticking the headphones into the iPod socket, I jammed the jack-plug into my ear.  That was painful.   I am an idiot.

Next thing, I spent Thursday setting up various playlists for my run.  In theory, I’m still doing the NHS Couch to 5K, but I’m getting fed up with the music which has got worse and worse the longer the runs become.

Anyway, I set up a Sisters Of Mercy playlist.   The Sisters always make me laugh and I need cheering up.  The play list went:

Rain From Heaven (okay, that’s the Sisterhood, but . . .) (6 Minute warm up walk)

Dominion/Mother Russia

Lucretia My Reflection


This Corrosion (Super hilarious 11 minute version)

Temple of Love ( For the cool down)

I’ve been using “This Corrosion” for the last couple of runs as an end of run ‘treat’.  It’s a good stomper and is just the right pace for a good jog.

However, In my tired and confused state, I hit ‘shuffle’ instead of play.   Rather cruelly, it played ‘Rain from Heaven’ first, so I didn’t spot a problem as I started out.

I couldn’t remember the order of the songs, just that This Corrosion was last.  And of course, it came early.  So there’s me tired and feeling weird  wondering why the hell I was so far behind my usually marker for when this song starts and I think “Shit, I’m going to have to pick my pace up”.   So I go much faster, for the duration of the song.   Then, the music continued . . . hang on?   I checked the iPod and I still had two tracks to go, I was exhausted because I’d run so fast and completely buggered my pacing up.

If I’d had any sense, I’d have just stopped and written it off as a bad run, but oh no.   Not me.   I decided that as my favourite bit of the run was coming up (nice and leafy, trees but no houses), I wanted to do that before I stopped.  Which I did. Then I thought okay, I might as well finish the whole thing.  Which I did.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

With my pacing shot, my speed shot and my timing shot things were not great anyway, but going up that last bit of hill, something in my groin tore.  Major pain, but I’m bloody minded and stupid enough to think…  no, I’m going to finish…

I finished, but in excruciating pain.

I had a cold bath when I got home which calmed it down a lot,  but it’s still painful today.   I’m not sure I’m going to make Monday’s run.

This is an object lesson in listening to your body.  If you get pain, you stop.  Never mind bloody mindedness . . . just stop!


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