Of course, the reason for mentioning Borderline Press in the previous post was to lead in seamlessly to a mention of “Caption” in Oxford yesterday, but I got distracted by breakfast – that included home grown tomatoes –  and forgot.

Anyway.  “Caption” is a Small Press Comics Festival held annually in Oxford and I was there essentially to ‘talent spot’.

I’m not fond of   conventions.   Too many people, cosplayers, nerdery, etc.  but Caption isn’t like that, really.  Obviously, when you get a whole bunch of comic creators into one room together, a level or nerdery will ensue.   It’s unavoidable.   But you know what?   It was a bloody hoot!  Lovely people and some fantastic talent on display some of whom will feature in the next 2 years of Borderline releases.   I’m not going to say who and what as yet, as I’m not sure of the legal aspect of blurting this out just yet.

We came away with many new friends, contacts and some fantastic stories.

If I have a problem with Caption, then it’s that the creators don’t get their own tables to display their wares.  Most cons have this and it makes it a damned site easier to track down individual creators and talk to them about their works.  Grabbing everyones comics and sticking them on a single table while the creators mill around in the bar seems a little counter productive to me, but apparently this is how it’s been done for the last decade, possibly to do with the size of the venue, and doesn’t seem likely to change.

Not much of a convention report, I admit, but it was small.   Nice folks, good comics.  Is there anything else you can say?

Hmm… how about mentioning a few titles?


Cindy and Biscuit (possibly my favourite thing at the con)

“West” and “The Whale House”


Pretty much anything by Ben Dickson (including a couple of outrageous pitches!)

Space Babes

Verity Fair

Leek and Sushi

Oh, just shed loads of fun!

Actually looking forward tot he next con in Kendal now……although the threat of Cosplayers is much larger.


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