Really? Two Weeks?

Well, two weeks since my last post.   It doesn’t seem that long, and it seems longer, too.

Running has taken a bit of a back seat, mostly because of an injury to the knee. I couldn’t run at all for a week as walking was too painful.   I tried on the following Monday and only managed the warm up walk and about 5 minutes of running.   It didn’t help that I’d forgotten to put the usual knee support on.  After five minutes running, I simply had to stop and limp home.   Wednesday was slightly better and I managed about 12 minutes.  Bizarrely, I managed my fastest km.  Although I have doubts about that.

I use, or rather used, the nike+ sensor with my iPod to monitor my running and last week the supporting app disappeared from my iPod.   I can seem to find out why.  A new icon has appeared on my iPod that appears to do the same – or similar – job but works on GPS, which is what I assumed the sensor was.   I’m probably wrong.

Now, it seems to work, but it’s certainly not as convenient and it won’t upload the data direct from the iPod; I have to physically connect the iPod to my laptop.  Also, bearing in mind I only bought the sensor about 6 weeks ago, I’m a bit pissed off that I forked out the cash for such limited use.

Okay, I get that not having to buy a sensor is a good thing for new users, but it’s a bit of a slap in the face, especially as I simply don’t have money to waste, these days.  Harrumph.

On Friday, I had to wait in for the dishwasher repair guy. AS he was supposed to come when I usually do my run.   Naturally, he was 2 hours late, so I could have done my run as normal. Of course, had I done the run, he’d have been on time.

Hopefully, now my knee is in a much better state, I can start running properly again from Monday.  I think I might do the week 6 run, though, just to bring me back up to speed.

Had a visit from my lovely friend Ramzi Musa on Wednesday.   I do see enough of him, as he’s out being a famous artist (, personal trainer and a million other things.   He’s busy and has pissed off most of the tutors at the School of Fine Art where we both studied by being successful.  Not one of the tutors had any faith in him and said he’d never amount to anything.  I’m guessing the exhibitions,  the shows at the Ideal Home Exhibition, the print design and fashion collection (worn by Cheryl Cole in one of her videos, and several other famous folks) and his increasingly sought after flower and glass paintings are all signs of a terrible failure.

I am so immensely proud of him it hurts. 🙂

I don’t see enough of him.

And now he’s disappearing off to Thailand.

This saddens me, obviously as it means I’ll see him even less. I’m thrilled too as it’s exactly what he needs to do for his career and he’s had the out and out bollocks to embrace it.   Go Ramzi!   Love you, dude!

He’ll miss the cheesecake, though 🙂

So.  I’m now an Associate Editor at Borderline Press.   Wait?   What?

Yeah.   Dream job.  Comics, Graphic novels, art books, etc. I’m currently editing an anthology of alternative zombie stories which is enormous fun and should – deadlines and contributions willing – be out in November.

From there, there are likely to be a volume of alternative Were-Beast tales, maybe a vampire volume, possibly something Lovecraftian/William Hope Hodgson-y and hopefully a book of Ghost stories in time for next Christmas.  I’d also like to do a book that pays homage to those marvellous Amicus style portmanteau movies like “Tales from The Crypt” and “The House That Dripped Blood”.

We shall see.


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