Cinema Sniggering

We went to see Thor: The Dark World the other day and , surprisingly, this isn’t a review.  I only seem to review movies I hate, for some reason.  Possibly, like all internet cowards, it’s easier to be mean with the anonymity the net affords.

Or maybe I don’t really feel as passionate.   I dunno.

Anyway, midway through the movie, a woman enters the theatre and sits next to us.  After a couple of minutes, she taps Andy on the arm and says “What movie is this”.   Andy, is currently not able to hear much, the movie was just about loud enough and he couldn’t hear why she was saying.   It ended up with this woman screaming at Andy “WHAT IS THIS MOVIE?  WHERE IS JUDT DENCH?”

I’m laughing like an idiot as Andy looks baffled and the woman looks more and more frustrated, by this time, Thor has wrestled with Dark elves and this clearly isn’t a Judy Dench Chick Flick.  I told her what it was and she stomped off in huff.  Andy carried on looking baffled.

It reminded me of a similar incident when I lived in Sheffield. I was in the late lamented Odeon (the bit that used to be the CineCentre) and I cannot be certain of what I was watching.   Looking up the movies on release around the time, it was likely to be – ahem – Mortal Kombat which probably explains why I was on my own.

Anyway, I sat down, the movie started and about 15 minutes into the movie, theres a sudden influx of people.  It seems that there was a bit of an error and all of these people had been directed into the wrong theatre. 

The peels of laughter as the usherette went along the rows shout “Are you for Free Willy?   Are you for Free Willy?” were priceless.



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