Diablo 3

I loved Diablo on the PC and was really excited about a 3rd instalment for the PS3, not having a PC anymore.

It took me a while to be able to afford it, but I finally got it last week.  I’d been reading the reviews and getting excited about the epic game that that I was about to play.


It’s “Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance” for the PS2.  

Really?  13 years since Diablo 2 and the best you can come up with is a clone of a game that’s 12 years old? You can get through the entire game by keep the x button pressed.   I got cramp in my thumb.  Where is the game play? Where is the fun? Why is everyone wetting themselves over such a passé format?  It’s a linear platform game.   Any comments about it being a role player are simply wrong.  Yes you get a few choices of weaponry, but dear God it’s dull.   I’ve just started Act 3 and I am soooo bored. 

Okay, it’s an unfair comparison as it’s a different kind of game, but the leap between Elder Scrolls 3 through 4 and onto Skyrim is astounding.   I’m not suggesting the Diablo should be Skyrim, but in terms of development, Diablo 3 has nothing that Diablo 2 had, in terms of game play or game design. It’s just bloody lazy. Okay, the network stuff is new and probably terribly exciting for those who use it, but I’m a curmudgeonly sod and like to play on my own or with my partner.

However, that simply doesn’t excuse the fact that nothing has changed in 13 years.  I already have Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, and much as I loved it at the time, I didn’t really need to buy the same game again 13 years later.

What a savage let down.


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