Museums – a little discomforting thought..

I have this thing about museums.

I really like them but recently, they’ve started including elements that, I believe, are misguided and hugely inappropriate.

I understand and appreciate that the have to become more “family friendly” and that  certain concessions have to be made to accommodate that but . . . does this really mean that, as an example, the Titanic Museum in Southampton has to have a “Spot the Iceberg” game?  Making light of an event that the museum is supposed to commemorate seems… odd.

We went to see the Mary Rose today and had a fantastic time.  Even though there is very little of the actually ship left, it’s a beautiful, beautiful object and it’s housed in the best imaginable way. It’s exhibits are well laid out, loads of information, some excellent interactive materials and . . . a “can you shoot the ships out of the water” game.


Doesn’t this strike you as inappropriate for a building that is essentially a tomb?


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