Cambridge and Savagely Missing the Point.

I passed through Cambridge on Saturday, on the way to my folks in Fakenham.

The first thing I noticed, other than it being much, much bigger than I remember, was theta there are a disconcerting number of Alt-J clones walking around the town centre.  Worrying.

We stomped around for a while found it to be much like any other town – with a few nicer buildings – and went for something to eat.  We ended up at Cafe Rouge, which is no bad thing, incidentally; I know there are a few things on the menu I can eat, so . . .

Anyway, we had a nice meal and were hugely entertained/bemused/shocked by the conversation on the adjacent table.

It started relatively sensibly by discussing that women are often excluded from historical re-enactments and then from places like “The London Dungeon” where women are simply victims. Y’know, valid points.

The it be came a battle of PC-ness until in true ‘hitlerum ad absurdum’ hit the frame . . .

“Of course, the worst place  went to was Auschwitz-Birkenau.”

“What was wrong with that?”

“Well, not once did they flag up that this was a site of a mass atrocity!”

“Really?   That’s terrible”

“Yes, and they made us go into a cell, and look in the showers.  It was awful.”

“That doesn’t sound good!”

“And the worst thing was that there was nothing fun to do!  Nothing that the kids could get involved with and no family areas”.

“They just don’t think these things through, do they”

“Well, I wrote to the management to complain . . . .”

I mean…. do I need to go as far as point out how many wrong things have comegether to form this symphony of wrongness?