It begins with an “l”.

LI visited my parents with my partner this weekend, so naturally there were many family stories trotted out:  from the use of oxo cubes, to the near legendary “coffee mocha” dessert, we gently ribbed each other for the amusement of my lovely husband.

Mum reminded me that we once went camping around Suffolk and at one spot – Bungay, if I remember rightly – Mum came to look for me and found me talking to a dog and chatting to a rather well-to-do woman.   Mum discovered that the lady in question was actually one of the Queen’s Ladies in Waiting and she said to her “Your son is very ********”.

Well, the story fell a bit flat there.   Mum couldn’t remember the word but told us that it meant that I “knew an lot of words” and “It begins with an “l”.  We threw a few words round like “loquacious” but Mum just shook her head.

“It’ll come to me”, she assured me.

The rest of the day came and went; we said our goodbyes and disappeared back to the hotel. Monday and Tuesday pass and then, a few minutes ago, Dad calls to ask us if we got back safely through the bad weather.

“Oh”, he remembered, “You know that word beginning with ‘l’?”


“The one meaning you knew a lot of words?”

“Yes . . .”



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