Spice Fail.

Communion_Wafers_Credit_Episcopal_Diocese_via_Flickr_CC_BY_20_CNAThe first time I ever took Holy Communion – back in the days when I attended church – was probably not the spiritual experience it should have been.  I’d been gearing up to it for some time as it’s not something I was comfortable with – I was already questioning my participation in the church and had only ever really been on the periphery of the activities.

But anyway.

A queue formed, I joined it.  It came to my turn and I knelt before the priest.  I opened my mouth, to receive the bread and  the first thing that went through my mind, rather than some blistering communion with  an almighty creator, divine force was:

“Hmmm….. needs cinnamon”.

it was down hill from there on . . .


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