After the Dawn


First there was “The Announcement”

Then “The scramble”.

Followed by “The Wait”

And then . . .

And then . . .

The Gig.

The Euphoria.

The Pure Emotion.

And now?

Well, that’s the thing.   I thought it ws just me being my over sensitive self, but post-Kate Bush, I’ve found myself, mooning about, slightly lost.  I’ve read reviews of the gig and found myself with the odd tear in my eye as I reminisced with the authors.

I’ve listened to albums and recall exactly how I was feeling when it was played live. I even set an iPod playlist up with the exact set list (barring the one new song, obviously).

I remember the visceral thrill of three thousand people per night shouting “Guilty Guilty Guilty” at the appropriate places and I pride myself at being one of the significantly small percentage of the population who sang “Yay-ee-yay-ee-yay-ee- yooooooh” ACTUALLY ALONG WITH HER AT THE SAME TIME IN HER PRESENCE OH GO OH GOD OH GOD!

But it’s not just me.  Trawling through the Kate Bush Fan sites and Facebook pages, they are awash with a kind of Post-Dawn Stress.  Such was the profundity of the experience to most of the gig goers, there is a growing ennui felt by having to engage in the real world.   However frightening her world could be –  the drowning, the witches, the gratuitous bird death – It was a place of exquisite beauty and so well realised, most of us just didn’t want to leave.

Now, most of the people I know who went are in the position of not having been alive when she last played live.   I genuinely don’t know if it’s worse for them or for us lucky people who saw the Tour of Life.  I enjoyed the Tour of Life, but even the showmanship shown there, extraordinary for it’s time, is nothing compared to Before The Dawn. As sequel, this is more Aliens than, say, Highlander 2.

But I don’t really know where this is going.   I’m writing because I feel a need to, not because I can offer any answer or have any great insights.

All I can say with any authority is : “Post-Before The Dawn Syndrome is a real thing” and the Facebook pages are bascially acting as support groups and peer counselling.


I can be a dozy sod at times 🙂


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