View From the Sofa – At Home I’m Tourist.

breakfastIt’s funny how the culture I was part of some years ago seems to have disappeared.  Back in the day, Saturday afternoon at the pub, chilling, lunching and maybe reading the papers if we were feeling saucy was very much a thing.  Post Clubbing on Friday night, it was a good way to get that all important greasy breakfast in you to kill the emerging hangover.  I’d assumed that still happened and for the first time in too many years, I set out to do that on Saturday.

Yep, I left the house and went to the pub.   I haven’t been to a pub for the sake of going to a pub for about four years. I’ve had the occasional pub lunch, but not just for a drink and a socialising session. I actually left the Portswood Triangle!

Disappointingly, it seems no one does that anymore.  I went to The Hobbit, only to discover that Me, my partner and the barman were the only people there. Matt, the barman said, he was surprised to see anyone at all; no one got here before about 5:00pm.  As a consequence, no greasy breakfast (no point having someone in the kitchen if there were no customers) although not having been clubbing, it was an essential.

We read the papers, had a guinness and moved on.  Now this is where things got a bit weird as rather than go home, we went in search of a social life and ended up walking further from home (I’m sure the guinness helped) to The Rockstone. It was packed, but with an entirely unexpected crowd.  Not who I was expecting at all. We stopped for another pint, had some chicken wings, failed to see anyone we knew, got attacked by a dog and went home via Sainsbury’s.

Unfortunately, the strain of the day, being out and walking a long way from home, I had a fairly massive freak out while shopping and had to run home, leaving Andy with the shopping. I’m sure the dog didn’t help.

Last time I went out, when I went to Trago and met new people, I was fine at the time, but the day after I completely clammed up, didn’t leave the house and spent the day freaked out on the sofa unable to anything but shake and be miserable.

Post- Hobbit/Rockstone, the freak out was a bit earlier, but just as debilitating.

Today, however, I’m going to attempt going for a run.

I might have to stay in bed tomorrow, but . . .



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